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At Ausban we are focused on establishing partnerships and creating bonds with farmers. It is no easy task. Accomplishing this takes honesty, trust, efficiency, and integrity, values in which we strongly believe. This is why since 2014 Ausban has being working relentlessly in the construction
of solid, long-lasting and profitable commercial bridges between banana and pineapple farmers located in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Dominican Republic, and our clients.

From our offices in the Netherlands we look at both sides. Firstly, across the ocean, to America, where the farmers with which we work are based, and then we look to the other side, to our clients in Europe and the Middle East, who are in the pursuit of the best fruit at the best price only.

We support our farmers with contributions and advisory on crop improvements

We conduct field audits and provide recommendations on topics
related to sustainability and labor issues such as:

The non exploitation of children
in the industry.

We closely monitor all internal
processes to ensure the product’s
quality and the smallest possible
environmental impact

Oversee and supervise compliance
with annual fruit programs
over the entire year.

All of this is intended to create the perfect bridge so that both farmers and clients
may build and maintain a steady and long-lasting relationship throughout the year allowing them to grow
in the fruit industry.

Slide Services At Ausban our service level commitment is expressed through two primary aspects. Slide 1 The first one refers to the quality of the fruit our clients buy, which is why we only work with the best farmers in the region. The field audits we perform to strengthen the relationships with farmers and improve productivity enable us to ensure product follow-up and control until it is delivered to clients.

The bananas and pineapples our clients receive must be the best - plain and simple.
Slide 2 The second one relies on the key advisory we provide in terms of logistics and maritime freight, which are essential to the banana and pineapple business as these are high-consumption products.

We carefully listen to the needs of our clients and as a result we provide a customized and dedicated service.
Slide At Ausban we deal with our clients’ business as if dealing with our own, since we consider ourselves strategic allies and partners focused on the business growth of our clients. Our team uses a proactive and dynamic approach when engaging in each transaction to address all commercial aspects of the business deal. Our involvement in the banana and pineapple purchase business is an assurance for all stakeholders that everything will go smoothly and by the book.
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